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Mortgage Attorney Jacksonville

If you have a mortgage-related matter, our Jacksonville mortgage attorney can help. Attorney McMurray worked as a Mortgage Loan Officer before he decided to attend law school and begin practicing law. Therefore, when you hire our real estate law firm, you are not only receiving legal advice from an experienced mortgage attorney, but you are receiving the expertise of someone who has worked for lenders so he understands the loan process.

Whether you are applying for a new mortgage, having trouble paying your mortgage payments, or need assistance dealing with a problem with your mortgage company, we can provide support, guidance, and legal counsel. Call (888) 316-2131 to discuss your mortgage-related matterswith our Jacksonville mortgage attorney.

Common Mortgage-Related Issues Our Jacksonville Real Estate Law Firm Handles

Our Jacksonville mortgage attorney handles all matters related to mortgage closings and mortgage loans. An issue faced by many clients is the inability to pay the mortgage payments. If you are having trouble paying your monthly mortgage payment, you may have several options available for dealing with this problem.

  • Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy — Our attorney is also an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Therefore, he can explain how filing a bankruptcy case can save your home from foreclosure or eliminate the mortgage debt In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you can keep your home by catching up the mortgage arrearage through a bankruptcy repayment plan. In either chapter of bankruptcy, you can surrender your home and eliminate the mortgage debt entirely.
  • Short Sale — If you want to sell your home,but you are having difficulty finding a buyer willing to pay enough to cover the mortgage payoff, your lender may help. In some cases, a mortgage company agrees to accept less than is owed on the mortgage to release the lien on the home. However, you want a Jacksonville mortgage attorney to help you with the short sale to ensure you are not responsible for any remaining balance owed on the mortgage account after the short sale is complete.
  • Forbearance Agreements —For short-term financial hardships, a borrower may qualify for a forbearance agreement. The lender agrees to suspend the mortgage payments temporarily to allow the borrower to overcome the financial hardship and resume the mortgage payments.
  • Mortgage Modification Agreement — To help a struggling borrower keep his home, a mortgage company can agree to modify the terms loan. Depending on the situation, the company may agree to forgive a portion of the amount owed, lower the interest rate, or extend the term of the note. The modification is permanent. Our Jacksonville mortgage attorney can help you apply for a modification of your mortgage.
  • Foreclosure Defense —Even though the mortgage company has filed a foreclosure action, you might still have one or more legal defenses to the foreclosure complaint. As soon as you receive the foreclosure papers, contact our Jacksonville mortgage attorney to discuss your options for responding to the foreclosure action.

Contact our office by calling (888) 316-2131 to discuss your options and legal rights.

Mortgage Loan Closings in Jacksonville

Whether you are purchasing a new home, refinancing an existing mortgage, applying for an equity line, or purchasing commercial property, you need a mortgage attorney in Jacksonville to act as your closing attorney. Mortgage companies require borrowers to hire a mortgage attorney to close real estate loans. The mortgage attorney is responsible for performing a title search to ensure the borrower has clear title to the property and there are no liens or problems that could negatively impact the mortgage company's loan.

In addition, the closing attorney is responsible for preparing the closing documents, recording the mortgage, and returning the closing package to the lender. As mentioned above, Attorney McMurray previously worked as a Loan Officer; therefore, he understands the closing process from both sides. His knowledge benefits our clients because we avoid some of the mistakes other law firms make that delay closing or make closings more stressful for the borrowers.

Call (888) 316-2131 to schedule anappointment with our Jacksonville mortgage attorney to discuss your mortgage loan. We handle all types of mortgage closings.

Dealing with Problems with Your Mortgage Lender

If you are experiencing problems with your mortgage company, we can also help you deal with those mortgage-related matters. Instead of spending hours on the telephone arguing with your mortgage lender, contact our office to discuss your options for settling a dispute with your mortgage lender.

Some of the common issues that borrowers have with their mortgage company include:

  • Failing to apply mortgage payments even though the payments were made on time;
  • Failing to apply escrow payments correctly;
  • Calculating the escrow payments incorrectly;
  • Failing to calculate an adjustable rate loan correctly; and,
  • Charging unreasonable or unjust fees.

The above list is not an exhaustive list of disputes you may have with your mortgage company. Because our law firm handles all matters related to mortgage loans, please call our office if you have any questions or you are having any problems with your mortgage provider.

Contact Our Jacksonville Mortgage Attorney Now for Help

Call our Florida real estate law firm at (888) 316-2131 to consult with our Jacksonville mortgage attorney about your mortgage-related matters.

About Jacksonville, FL

The City of Jacksonville is located in Duval County in northeast Florida. The city was founded in 1791 and formally incorporated in 1832. The town was named for Andrew Jackson,and it has a rich history as one of the most well-known cities in Florida. With over 840 square miles, Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States. Residential and commercial real estate in Jacksonville is considered a prime investment opportunity because the area continues to enjoy economic growth.

Jacksonville has many venues for arts, entertainment, sports, and recreation. Some of the most popular attractions in the city include The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Huguenot Park, The Timucuan Ecological & Historic Preserve, The Florida Theatre, and Jacoby Symphony Hall. Regardless of whether you enjoy the arts, sports, or outdoor activities, you will find something to enjoy in Jacksonville.

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