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Construction Law

Building a home can be a time consuming and stressful process.  Numerous moving parts, deadlines, permit and other legal requirements can potentially create a perfect storm for problems and mistakes. When something goes wrong in the construction process you may have a legal right to demand damages, repayment of out of pocket expenses and a variety of other remedies in order to make you whole.

Negotiating Building and Other Contracts

Before work begins on any construction project, you'll want to draft up a contract with your general contractor or other professional.  A good construction contract clearly lays out the obligations and expectations of all of the parties involved.  Important questions can be resolved at the outset such as rate of pay, cost overruns, deadlines and various other contingencies.  A great contract allows your professional relationship with your builders to be worry free and well defined.

General Contractors and Subcontractors' Mistakes

When you undertake a major construction project, often times you will be hiring a General Contractor to coordinate and supervise the repair or building process.  As a home owner, you rely on the GC to be a knowledgeable and organized individual, capable of tackling the project they've been hired for.  During the course of the construction, it may become clear that the GC just isn't up to the task.  You may also uncover significant flaws after the project has been completed.  In this case, you may be able to bring a claim against the General Contractor for shoddy workmanship and failing to live up to the terms of your contract.

Many General Contractors also hire out subcontractors to complete smaller or specialized portions of the larger job.  A qualified construction lawyer will be able to determine when you can sue the subcontractor, the General Contractor or both for incomplete, poor or incorrect work done to your home.  Additionally, delays can cause significant damages both in the value of your time and in running up various bills such as carrying two mortgages or other unanticipated costs.  You may be able to bring construction law claims to recover damages you incurred as a result of delays in construction.

Breach of Warranty Claims

After the construction has been completed, it may be many years before essential defects are discovered in the workmanship.  An experienced construction attorney will be able to evaluate the facts of a project and can advise as to whether you have a claim for breach of warranty against the builder or any of the parties involved in the manufacture of the materials used in the construction.

Consult an Attorney

Any time you are considering bringing a legal claim against a general contractor, architect or other building professional, it may be a smart decision to consult with a qualified construction law attorney.  At the Law Offices of Justin McMurray, P.A., we offer a free consultation and will gladly discuss whether you may have a claim for damages in your home building or repair process.  Contact us today in order to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

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