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Buyer/Seller Representation

An experienced Florida real estate attorney can perform many duties in a real estate transaction.  They can also provide peace of mind for buyers and sellers when something as large as a major property purchase is at stake.

Buyer Representation

During the purchase of your new home, a Florida real estate attorney can be an invaluable asset.  Although an attorney can have many duties and perform a variety of tasks in your real estate transaction, here we break down a few of the most important.

Review of Contract

The initial real estate purchase contract can have many complicated clauses and contingencies, or actions that must happen before the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase of the property.  A real estate attorney will review the real estate purchase contract in order to ensure there are no unexpected clauses and that all of the information has been submitted correctly.


There are many documents that a buyer is required to sign as part of the closing on a home purchase.  Each of these documents must be checked to ensure that the information has been entered correctly and that all of the clauses and contingencies have been met.  A real estate attorney can assemble all of the documents and instruct the buyer where to sign.  They can also make sure that all of the information on the final deed and other legal documents is accurate, which will prevent problems with title on your property in the future.

Representation of Seller

Sellers of real estate can also benefit from having a qualified real estate attorney representing them in the transaction.  The sale of your home or other property will be one of the largest financial transactions you'll ever be a part of.  Here are a few ways that an attorney can help protect your rights as a seller.

Negotiation of Contingencies

Often times as part of the buying and selling process, the buyer in a real estate transaction will conduct an inspection of the property.  If they buyer uncovers unforeseen issues with the property, they may request the seller make repairs or improvements before they agree to purchase the property.  They may also ask for concessions, or money returned at the closing which they will then use to repair the property on their own.  An experience real estate attorney can assist the seller in negotiating these concessions or contingencies to reach the most desirable outcome possible.

Attorneys Role in the Event of a Breach

In the event that a buyer does not follow through with the purchase of a home or other real estate, a qualified real estate attorney can assist the seller in deciding what their remedies may be against the buyer.  In some cases, the seller may be entitled to keep the binder fee or escrow amount as a result of the buyer's breach.

A qualified Florida real estate attorney like the attorneys at the Law Offices of Justin McMurray, P.A., can represent either the buyer or seller in home purchase or sale and help ensure that their rights are protected and in the event of a dispute, they receive the most desirable outcome possible.  Contact us for a free consultation today.

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