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Florida Real Estate Attorney

Why a Real Estate Attorney?

Let's face it, purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial investments you will make in your lifetime.  The process can be complex and downright confusing at times.  Having a real estate lawyer on your side ensures that you have a personal advocate throughout the home-buying process.  A Florida Real Estate attorney will know the various legal requirements of purchasing a property and will ensure that your sale or purchase is properly and thoroughly documented.  People can sue over the smallest of inaccuracies and having a real estate attorney involved in your transaction can lessen these risks.

Contract Review

A real estate attorney can be a critical part of the initial real estate purchase contract.  Contracts to purchase homes are legally binding documents and it's important that they be written in compliance with all Florida rules and regulations.  A properly written contract can avoid any mistakes that may delay closings, cause a snag in the loan funding or potentially cause a purchase of a home to fall through.  A Florida licensed real estate attorney has the knowledge of the current forms and can work with you, your realtor and the lending company to ensure a smooth transaction.

Inspection and Contingencies

Another area in your home buying process where a real estate lawyer will come in handy is during and after the buyer's home inspection.  As a buyer, imagine finding your dream house but finding a major issue during the home inspection.  Should you ask the seller to fix the issue?  Maybe ask for a credit?  Or is the problem so severe that you just can't see yourself being able to live in the home and you need out of the contract?  A qualified real estate attorney can answer these and many more questions and they'll know what the appropriate method of response should be for each.  As a seller the inspection process can be equally as daunting.  Just when you think you have an offer and you're planning your big move, a hiccup in the inspection process can put your life on hold.  If the buyer makes demands, will you know the appropriate manner to respond?  A Florida real estate attorney will have this expertise and you will rest better knowing you have the help of a professional.

Closing Services

Closing on your real estate transaction can be the most stressful part of a home buying or selling process.  Numerous documents need to be signed with clear instructions for where funds should be sent and how they are to be divided up.  Someone will need to check that title is being taken in the correct form.  Typos in the documents to be recorded with the county could cause headaches for the homebuyer down the line.  Having a real estate attorney on your side at your closing provides peace of mind that all documents are properly drawn up and signed and countersigned by all of the parties involved.  So before your next property purchase or sale, consider hiring a Florida real estate attorney to guide you through the process.

Bankruptcy & Real Estate Attorney

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