Child Support Modification

Under Florida law you may be entitled to a modification if certain conditions are met.  But first, there are certain threshold circumstances that must be met.

  • When does you support obligation end? If your child support obligation ends further than six months in the future, you may be eligible to request a modification.  This means that if there are 6 or less months left on your payments, modification is unavailable.
  • Has your order of support been modified or reviewed within the last three years? In order to qualify for a modification of your support obligation, your current order must not have been reviewed or modified in the last three years.  There may be certain exceptions to this requirement in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Has there been a substantial change in life and/or income or expense requirements? In order to apply for a modification, you must be able to show that you have experienced a substantial life change.  For the supporting parent, this could include a new child whom you must support, a loss of job or earning capacity, or a variety of other circumstances.  For a receiving parent or child, this could possibly include items such as an increase in medical bills due to a medical condition, or a significant other increase in education or other costs.
  • Is the requested modification at least $50 or 15%? Finally, under Florida law a modification may only be requested if the change in amount is $50 or 15% of the current support obligation, whichever is greater.

Modification Proceedings and Order


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