Nine times out of ten, renting a property from a landlord is a smooth process.  The tenant signs the lease for the agreed upon length of time, paying an agreed upon amount of rent, and placing an agreed upon amount of funds on deposit as a security that the home will be in good condition when the tenant moves out.  In some cases, however, things don’t go as planned.  When it comes to potential disputes, there are many Florida laws that govern the tenant’s rights and the landlord’s responsibilities.  While an attorney experienced in landlord/tenant laws can provide invaluable advice, her ewe attempt to break down a few of the more common pitfalls you may run into.

Responsibilities of the Landlord

Under Florida law, the landlord is required to rent a property that is up to living standards.  This includes functional plumbing, hot water, heating without structural issues.  The rental property also must be secure with locking doors and windows and should not have any rodents or other vermin.  There’s various other specific requirements, but suffice it to say, the building should be habitable.

Landlord’s Right to Inspect the Premises

Few tenants know that a landlord has the right to inspect the premises, even while the tenant is in residence.  However, this right is not absolute and there are many limitations.  First, the landlord may only enter to inspect the property and make repairs.  They must also give the tenant reasonable notice that they intend to enter, except in the case of an emergency.

Return of Deposit

Duties of the Tenant



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